Winter in Venice

1 Calling Home
2 Winter in Venice
3 At Saturday
Semblance Suite in Three or Four Movements
4 Part I
5 Part II
6 Part III
7 Part IV
8 Don#t Cuddle That Crazy Cat
9. Damned Back Blues
10 In the Fall of Things
11 As the Crow Flies
12 The Second Page
13 Herkulse Jonssons Lat
Music by Esbjörn Svensson
except Semblance Music by Svensson / Berglund / Öström
Produced by Johan Ekelund
Recorded by Johan Ekelund & Ake Linton at EMI Studios, August 20-22, 1997
Mixed by Johan Ekelund & Bernard Löhr at Little Big Room October 6-8, 1997
Mastered by Johan Ekelund